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Virtual Office Tour and Remodel

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Our office is currently located 1/10th of a mile east of our old location on Robert's Road.  We purchased a 1950's ranch from a wonderful woman who lived on Robert's Road for over 50 years.  As the years have passed, and Hilliard has grown, Roberts Road has evolved from a quiet country road into a bustling five lane thoroughfare, dotted with commercial buildings and retail centers.  In 2007, we seized the opportunity to build a stand alone office that was not confined to an office park.  Converting the existing ranch to a commercial office required us to completely strip and renovate the interior and exterior of the structure.   Our new office has a large waiting room with a fireplace, three private therapy bays, a private ultrasound room, a private hydro-massage room, and three private treatment and exam rooms.  The floor plans for the new office can be seen below along with pictures taken throughout the renovation process.